Multiscale Consulting is specialized on the topics Contact Mechanics, Friction and Tribology. We offer consulting services and contract research within the scope of these topics. Our services offer from just a short advice to a customers problem up to a numerical or experimental study of a specific system. In addition our customers can also rent our powerful and unique software enabling him to work on his problems himself and gain deeper insight.


We at Multiscale Consulting have built up many years of experience in the context mentioned above applying the powerful theory of Persson who is one of the most recognized expert in Contact Mechanics, Friction and Tribology in the scientific community. Our customers include large, international companies which are market leaders. Up to now we mainly consult with established companies in the context of tire development, pharmaceutical industry and electrical insulation.



For more information please do not hesitate to contact us.






Guest Lectures & Seminars


To introduce you to our portfolio and to discuss the services we offer, it is also possible to invite us to give a guest lecture at your location. To suit your requirements this can be a short introductory talk of order one hour up to a full day of lectures.


Sometimes we are also organizing seminars in Cologne, Germany. Here we give a broad overview on all topics within a two day workshop.











 Conferences & Meetings


Our researchers from Multiscale Consulting are often also invited to give talks at scientific meetings. Here we visit international conferences worldwide from Japan to Europe and USA. These meetings are mostly conferences on tribology, friction physics or tires. So in case you are interested in our approaches and theories you might find us at a conference nearby.

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