Contact Mechanics and Friction are topics of huge importance with many applications in Nature and technology. They are also closely interconnected, so that understanding friction requires a deep insight into the contact formation between two solids. We at Multiscale Consulting have developed novel, cutting-edge procedures to understand and calculate what is happening when two surfaces form contact with each other. We can calculate all important parameters to answer questions like: "How big is the real area of contact?" or "What is the distance between the two surfaces in the non-contact regions?"
The theoretical approach to these problems is well documented in numerous international and peer-reviewed physics journals and the theory predictions are well tested both experimentally and with the help of exact numerical simulations on small systems. The most important articles for helping you to understand our approach are available in our library while the video tutorials in the eLearning section provide a simple and easy to understand access to you.
Multiscale Consulting supplies in this context software and advice, numerical calculations and experimental studies to help solving your problems involving interacting surfaces. We at Multiscale Consulting are working together with leading companies in the context of tires and medical devices as an leading consultant on rubber friction and topics related to contact mechanics.



New paper published on frictional heating of rubber sliding on rough surfaces:


G. Fortunato, V. Ciaravola, A. Furno, B. Lorenz and B.N.J. Persson

General theory of frictional heating with application to rubber friction